Restoring Dignity

Starting from an ambitious dream of a woman, Koohi Goth Hospital is today the sole provider of health care facilities to millions of underprivileged patients. These patients come from as far as Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and interior Sindh. It is located in the Deh Landhi area on the 16 acre land donated by Dr Atia Zafar from her property.

Koohi Goth was initiated when Dr Atia Zafar, after migrating to Pakistan in 1948, could not bear to see the horrific suffering of poor women in the country. She decided to change their destiny and started her educational career with the help of her husband Syed Abu Zafar. There was a time when she and her eldest son, Dr Syed Tipu Sultan, were studying medicine at the Dow Medical College, Karachi at the same time.

After completing her doctorate, Dr Atia Zafar initiated her medical career by establishing a small clinic in 1965. This clinic, with time turned into the Atia General Hospital. After the success of the Atia General Hospital, Dr Atia focused on her ambition to establish an institute that solely focuses on women’s health. This was the beginning of Koohi Goth Hospital.

Started as Koohi Goth Women Hospital focused on the taboo disease known as the Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), Recto Vaginal Fistula (RVF) and other gynae related problems, today this facility provides general healthcare to a vast number of patients other than RVF and VVF patients. The deserving patients receive free medical care including the surgeries, food, medicine, testing and stay during the recovery process.

The efforts of Dr Atia Zafar are successful because of the fact that her passion was equally realized and shared by her children, Dr Syed Tipu Sultan and Dr Shershah Syed. Their work has been recognized at the international platform and has touched the lives of millions in the country. This is reason that Koohi Goth Hospital, due to the dedication of Dr Atia Zafar and 32 more doctors of her family, is the largest institute working on obstetric fistula patients in Asia.

Current Activities at Koohi Goth Hospital:

Established in 2006, Koohi Goth Hospital is actively working towards the elimination of RVF and VVF and the protection women from other labor related complications and gynecologic diseases. As a general medical facility, the hospital also focuses on people who are unable to access quality health care due to financial constraints.

The achievements of Koohi Goth Hospital are countless. In 2008-2009 alone; more than 15,000 patients were given free of cost medical care along with necessary facilities of staying during treatment. We spent more than Rs. 12 million in 2013 not only on medical care services but also on our training programs to improve health care in Pakistan through the resources of the family and our friends.

a. Services & Activities:

We are providing the following services at Koohi Goth:

·         Medical & Surgical Care to In-patients

·         General medical care for patients in Out-Patient Department

·         Antenatal Care

·         Obstetrical & Gynecological Care

·         Infertility Advisory Service

·         Family Planning Services

·         Immunization

·         Fistula & Prolapse Repair Centre

·         General Medical Clinic for Women

·         Pediatric Clinical Care


Dr Syed Tipu Sultan

Dr Syed Tipu Sultan is the honorary president and the backbone of Koohi Goth Hospital. He has served as the Chair of Anesthesiology as well as the Medical Superintendent at Civil Hospital, Karachi. He has also performed his duties as the principal of Dow Medical College and as the Dean of the Faculty of Anesthesiology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Apart from a remarkable professional life, Dr Syed Tipu Sultan’s philanthropic efforts are never ending and his contributions towards social welfare have had a lasting impact on society.

After working at the international level, he took the mission a step further by ensuring that RVF and VVF are eliminated at the grass root level. Under the banner of Koohi Goth Hospital, a mid-wife training program was initiated which provides nursing education to the young girls that come to institute from all parts of the country especially from Balochistan and Sindh. The objective of this program was to ensure that the complications arising during birth can be identified beforehand and the women could be provided the correct treatment at the approporaiate time. His efforts in this regard have been commendable.

Dr Shershah Syed

Dr Shershah Syed, the CEO of Koohi Goth Hospital, is the biggest strength of this entire project. His experience and a long history of treating women with Obstetric Fistula is not only limited to Pakistan. He has performed countless surgeries all over the world. His passion to help give rise to a healthier nation brought him back to the country where he engaged in providing full time services to Koohi Goth Hospital. Under his leadership, Koohi Goth Hospital has caught the attention of several internationally renowned surgeons that often visit the facility and perform surgeries completely free of cost.

His actions of expanding the health care facilities speak clearly about his vision. A fully functional laboratory was established in 2011.

Apart from his work at Koohi Goth Hospital, he is associated with life changing programs all over the world. His efforts have earned him the support of major donors like GlaxoSmithKline, international media and recognition by the Clinton Global Initiative.

Their mission is to ensure good health especially for these women by eradicating such complications which are now non-existent in the developed world. We are not only focusing on medical facilities for poor patients but also ensuring the reach of medical care to women in remote and under developed areas.

What is an obstetric fistula?

Obstetric Fistula is a pregnancy related complication which occurs during child birth. A fistula is an abnormal passage in the birth canal resulting from obstructed labor due to the absence of proper medical care. Women with fistulae leak urine or feces constantly, resulting in unhygienic conditions and infections. Such women comprise a considerable part of the rural population of Pakistan and these cases come to Koohi Goth Hospital on a regular basis. Most of these patients are from underprivileged backgrounds and there is no question about their ability to afford the treatment.

How do women with fistulae suffer?

In many cases, the child after birth is kept away from the mother. The feeling of shame and being shunned deeply affects the psychology of the mother and subsequently her physical being.
As a result of ignorance, a number of affected women lead their lives with this otherwise curable problem.

Obstetric fistula repair services at Koohi Goth Hospital

Free-of-cost surgeries are performed on a regular basis under the careful supervision of Dr Shershah Syed.

Our plea to you

Sponsorship of RVF & VVF surgeries

95 percent of all maternal deaths occur in Asia and Africa. And according to the statistics of the maternity ration in Pakistan in 2008 was estimated to be 260 per 100, 000 live births.

These women are alone, stripped of their dignity and left helpless by poverty. In their darkest hour Koohi Goth Hospital is the only ray of hope. We have and are providing unlimited services to these women with our limited resource but we cannot deny the fact that we need the help of those who understand their pain and are willing to share the burden with Koohi Goth Hospital.

Poor women from Shikarpur, Khairpur, Badin, Larkana, Nawabshah, Tando Jam Ghotki, Mirpukhas Sukkur, Thatta, Tando Allah Yar, Sangarh, Nowshero Feroze, Moro and Dadu (Sindh), Khuzdar, Panjgore, Quetta, Turbat and Pasheen (Balochistan) come to Koohi Goth Hospital for treatment. So far, more than 15000 women have been treated and provided with free surgeries including food, transportation and hostel services. A majority of these women have a fistula as old as 8 to 10 years that requires a minimum of 3 surgeries.




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