Community Health Worker (Nurse Madadgar | Nurse Aid)

Why nurse aid training? Statistics show that there are more doctors than nurses in Pakistan, whereas in order to achieve good health outcomes, this ratio should be the exact opposite. The nurses in hospitals are overburdened and hence are unable to perform their duties adequately. There is a dire need of ‘nurse aids’ that can provide assistance to nurses.

In 2013, the nurse aid initiative was started as a small step in this direction.

The idea was that there are many bright young women in rural areas who want to work but cannot as due to their circumstances, they could not complete their education. They have had some education but not enough to qualify for a diploma or a health related job. Hence they are sitting as dormant members of the society whose role is confined to within homes and because they are not earning, they play very little role in decision making in the household or at the community level. Our idea was to empower them in a way that they could be active members in their social setup and hence contribute to the betterment of their community.

Collaborators and Funding Organisations

RAAD (Research Alliance for Advocacy and Development) is undertaking this project in collaboration with AZIMS and Koohi Goth hospital. In its first year, this project was funded by the US Consulate and Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN) through which 30 young nurse aids were trained.

Community Health Worker

In addition to the Nurse Aid Initiative, Koohi Goth Hospital is also training Community Health Workers. This was started in 2014 and the first batch had 26 women and 40 men who were trained. This course is taught over 6 months.


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